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Tax Law Center offers multiple options for taxpayers in need of assistance. The IRS can be a very difficult institution to navigate, and we have been fighting the IRS since 1998. We do a thorough research and analysis of each case prior to deciding on the best course of action. There is a saying to never hire someone who promises you results. Dealing with IRS is a perfect example of there being no guarantees. However, we do promise to not take a case we do not think we can win. Be cautious of firms that will take any case just to make a dollar. Tax Law Center is committed to having you (the taxpayers) best interest at heart. Our staff is a dedicated team of tax professional including senior level tax attorneys and IRS enrolled agents to best serve each one of our clients.

Our Mission

Tax Law Center was established in 1998 with one mission in mind: To help distressed taxpayers from local and federal IRS agencies. Throughout our 20+ years fighting the IRS, no 2 cases are alike. It is our goal to treat you and your case individually, with a plan that works for you. We go through a method to make sure we apply the appropriate resolution to each individual client; whether it be disputing the amount owed, negotiating a settlement with IRS, removing levies and entering a payment arrangement taxpayer can afford or even looking into whether a bankruptcy is appropriate to discharge tax debts. We want to do something that works for each client to get them their Fresh Start!


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Our Vision

It is not always easy and simple getting these results. There is a lot of work put into getting these results and at Tax Law Center we are not afraid of putting in the hard work and effort to seek these results for our client’s benefits.

We have a winning team with extensive experience. Senior level tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents with over 30 years experience, and other like minded tax professionals hand selected and trained by our tax attorneys.

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