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    An Audit is simply the most dreaded outcome from filing a tax return.  The IRS states an Audit is merely the review of an organizations or individuals tax return to ensure the information is reported properly according to tax laws. 

    If you are being Audited, do not do this alone and do not seek the help of an unknowledgeable tax person.  The good news is there is hope with the professionals at Tax Law Center on your side when facing an Audit.


    If you have unpaid taxes, the IRS has the authority to seize your house, car and any real or personal property you own in an attempt to collect the tax debt.  Once the house or other property is seized, the IRS will sell that property and apply the amounts received to your tax debt. If the amount received does not cover the debt, they will not stop there and will continue for more. The IRS is not to be trusted. The good news is taxpayers have Constitutional Laws available for your protection, so call the Tax Attorney at Tax Law Center today and let us apply all your rights and fight for you! We can show you why we really are America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm.

    Revenue Officers

    Receiving notices from the IRS can be stressful, but dealing with a local revenue officer without proper representation can be a nightmare. There is nothing worse than having a local revenue officer breathing down your neck and making your misery their enjoyment.  Upon contact, they will ask for detailed financials, including sources of all income, proof of all expenses, and values for all assets and give you unreasonable deadlines by which you must comply. They will show up at your house or even at your workplace, making you feel humiliated in front of your neighbors and coworkers. They have the authority to refer you over to Criminal Investigation Division, which is a path no person wants to take. You should not deal with a revenue officer alone; however, you need the professionals at Tax Law Center.



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