Owe Back Taxes? Los Angeles

Back Taxes Owed

Back Taxes Owed

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"The financial settlement you worked out with the IRS bordered on miraculous."

Owe Back Taxes?

f you are like the millions of taxpayers who have filed their tax returns with a tax bill owing to the IRS, but for one reason or another, you have been unable to pay the IRS, we have solutions to your tax problems. The good news is at America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm, the professionals at Tax Law Center are here to help. We will design a plan of action tailored to your specific situation with the goal of resolving your tax problems. It is vital to settle and resolve the tax debt as soon as possible before the IRS starts invading your day to day life. As you can imagine, the IRS can aggressively come after you for the taxes owed.

IRS Collections

The IRS is the collection arm for the US government and has real power in their collection efforts, even the option of a criminal referral for prosecution.  Don’t stay on the IRS hamster wheel and allow penalties and interest to continue to accrue making it feel insurmountable to resolve.  Now is the time to act!  If you’re facing a financial hardship and are unable to pay your taxes owed, call us today and we can explain your options and get you on the path to IRS freedom.

unfiled returns

Many taxpayers that owe the IRS stop filing their taxes in fear of more debt. The truth is, to understand the totality of your IRS debt, Tax Law Center can help you file all of your unfiled years. Once we have the total balance owed, we can devise a plan that best fits your needs.