Can bankruptcy remove tax debt? Los Angeles

Bankruptcy (Remove the debt)

Bankruptcy (Remove the debt)

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At Tax Law Center we have helped 1000s of taxpayers file bankruptcy and thereby discharge over 500 Million in IRS taxes.  The debt is gone forever!  Contrary to the misunderstanding of tax laws by many people and even professionals, you can in fact file bankruptcy on IRS debt.  Under the experienced supervision of Tax Law Center’s attorneys with advanced degrees in tax representation, you may be able to discharge (get rid of) your tax debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Unlike many other companies that attempt to represent taxpayers, our company specializes in utilizing bankruptcy as a key tool in removing your IRS tax debts.  While there are many factors that apply when seeking bankruptcy as a course to settling your taxes, generally speaking, bankruptcy can apply if you meet the following requirements:

1.    The taxes are income-based (generally filed under IRS form 1040).
2.    The return was due at least three years ago.
3.    You filed the return at least two years ago.
4.    The taxes were assessed at least 240 days ago. …
5.    No fraud or willful evasion.

Let the skilled attorneys at Tax Law Center, America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm, do the analysis to see if this option can help you. Bankruptcy is a real tool to resolving your IRS and other similar tax debts.  We know when it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t, but removing taxes through bankruptcy is true!  The rules regarding taxes in bankruptcy are complex and that is while we only recommend someone who specializes in this area.  This is also the area where the most mistakes are made by professionals and then good people are left with the same large tax bill. Do not trust merely anyone to this resolution as we have helped 1000s of taxpayer and we would love to discuss if we can help you too. Let us show you why Tax Law Center truly is America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm. Call Tax Law Center’s Tax Attorneys today to discuss how we can help you get a fresh start on your IRS taxes.