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Highly Impressed.

Very detailed oriented. I am impressed with my results. I have a very affordable payments plan with IRS now, and my life is improving already. Thank you Cheryl.

William M.

Thank you Tax Law Center

It took a little courage to contact someone regarding my IRS debt. It was personal, and I felt embarrassed. Tax Law Center made me feel at ease. They handled everything for me. I am now debt free and can focus on my life again!

Sarah L.


Having the IRS send threatening letters to garnish my wages and put a lien on my own was extremely unsettling. I worried every day and didn’t sleep. Tax Law Center did a thorough analysis of entire situation to decide best solution. DEBT FREE FROM THE IRS!

Julie B.

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    About Tax Law Center

    Tax Law Center was established in 1998 with one mission in mind: To help distressed taxpayers from local and federal IRS agencies. Throughout our 20+ years fighting the IRS, no 2 cases are alike. It is our goal to treat you and your case individually, with a plan that works for you. We go through a method to make sure we apply the appropriate resolution to each individual client; whether it be disputing the amount owed, negotiating a settlement with IRS, removing levies and entering a payment arrangement taxpayer can afford or even looking into whether a bankruptcy is appropriate to discharge tax debts. We want to do something that works for each client to get them their Fresh Start!

    Tax Law Center -
    Tax Law Center -
    If you owe more than $10k to the IRS or FTB, contact us immediately. 20+ years experience.
    Tax Law Center -
    Tax Law Center -
    Millions of americans owe the IRS more than they can afford to repay. There are ways out of this debt, allow a tax attorney with over 20 years experience handle your case.
    Tax Law Center -
    Tax Law Center -
    Tax Law Center -
    If you are looking for federal or FTB tax relief, look no further. We can help you start fresh today. Over $500 Million in savings for our clients. You won't know how much you can save unless you click or call.
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