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Disputing Tax Balances

Self Report:

Taxpayers are required to self-report their tax liability and what owe the IRS. The IRS though can examine your filings to look into whether this tax liability was correctly calculated meaning they can look into whether the income that was claimed is correct, the exemptions that were claimed were correct, the deductions that were claimed were correct and the credits that were claimed were correct. This process of verifying whether your tax liability was properly self-assessed is known as an audit or examination. While many times taxpayers don’t understand what they put on a tax return and it comes down to an audit and now they really need help as the tax owed that IRS says now owe and the penalties and interest is something that they don’t feel owe. 

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Tax Law Center:

Tax Law Center can come in either while the audit is going on to advocate for the taxpayer client to the IRS of what was claimed should be allowed or even argue items that weren’t claimed should now be allowed to reduce or eliminate the IRS proposed assessments, this is audit representation. When the tax audit is still pending and no assessment has been made you are not liable for the taxes so to dispute as early as possible is always best. The audit representation may involve dealing with an IRS Revenue Agent, an Appeals Officer or even in US Tax Court to dispute the proposed assessment is representation that Tax Law Center can provide.

Too Late?

Also it may not be too late, even if the IRS has made the proposed assessments final and assessed you with the taxes you can still re-open the audit to have the items you want to dispute with proof reconsidered to reduce what they said you owed, this is known as an audit reconsideration or an offer in compromise doubt as to liability. When these are filed the prior audit and the assessment that was made is re-opened and can be done as long as generally you didn’t execute a signed agreement that accept the liability in the original audit or there wasn’t tax court order or stipulated order entered into generally.

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