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Important Documents

Important Documents

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Notices Commonly used by the IRS

Timeline of IRS Letters

Form Order Description  
CP 14 1st Letter Balance Due Take action – you can disagree with calculation
CP 501 2nd Letter Reminder Possible Collections if not paid within 10 Days
CP 503 Final Notice Immediate Action Required Did not respond to 501 – 10 days to pay balance
CP 504 Final Notice Intent to Seize (levy) your property IRS may be searching for other assets besides property
CP 90 Final Notice

Intent to Levy

(Very Serious Notice – DO NOT IGNORE)

In 30 days – IRS will have legal authority to seize home, retirement, property, bank accounts, and all other assets
CP 297 Final Notice For business Same as CP 90 – For Businesses

                                                   Letters are typically 30 days apart

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