Second Opinions on Tax Advice Los Angeles

Need a Second Tax Analysis Opinion?

Need a Second Tax Analysis Opinion?

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second tax analysis opinion

Option 1

Perhaps you have heard the commercials or have seen the advertisements for big nationwide companies willing to help you get a fresh start. 1st they claim the IRS has the special programs to get you to call, and you reach very pushy sales people that are trained to put fear into you and get you to retain. You will never see these people in person, and you are just another number to them.

Option 2

The worst of the worst the the firms that give you a promise or guarantee. Tax Law Center highly recommends staying away from companies that give you a promise because, THERE ARE NO PROMISES WITH THE IRS. Each revenue officer is different, each financial situation is unique, and each taxpayer has their own story. 

Preferred Option

The first thing Tax Law Center wants to do is listen. It is our position to listen to you financial history, personal issues, businesses, and ALL of your debts and assets. These all play a vital role in how we forward fighting the IRS. We are not going to guarantee results but, we have saved clients over $100 million dollars and our average client pays about 7 cents per dollar owed (since opening in 1998).