Unfiled Tax Returns Los Angeles

Unfiled Returns/Non-Filed Returns

Unfiled Returns/Non-Filed Returns

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Divorce is a common reason why taxpayers fail to file their tax returns. There can also be complications over which parents is eligible to file each dependent. Tax Law Center can help with all of your filing needs.


Personal and health reasons is also a common reason for not filing your returns each year. Tax Law Center understands life can be difficult, accidents happen, and unforeseen circumstances arise that caused you to miss one or more tax filing years.

Fear of IRS

Fear of the IRS is the most common reason people fail to file their taxes. Taxpayers know they are going to owe, so the easy answer is simply not to file. One of the worst results one can receive occurs by allowing the IRS to file the returns for the taxpayer, which the IRS does in the light most favorable to the government

Tax Law Center

Here at Tax Law Center, America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm, not a week goes by where someone is before us with years of unfiled returns and the good news is we are always ready to start them on the path to IRS recovery. Once the returns are properly prepared and filed with the IRS or similar taxing authority, next we can look at options of resolving the IRS debt, but it always starts with a call to speak with our tax professionals, so call us now!