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Tax Relief Success in
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We are a tax relief firm that specializes in resolving IRS tax problems with options
like offer in compromise, levy release, payment plans and bankruptcy tax debt options

Did you know you can file
Bankruptcy on IRS debt?

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Tax Relief Success in 4 Proven Stages:


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We are Different Than Other Tax Resolution Firms

We don’t apply the same resolution to every client. Each client has different tax problems and different issues. We go through a method to make sure we apply the appropriate resolution to each individual client; whether it be disputing the amount owed, negotiating a settlement with IRS, removing levies and entering a payment arrangement taxpayer can afford or even looking into whether a bankruptcy is appropriate to discharge tax debts. We want to do something that works for each client to get them their Fresh Start.

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Success Stories and Testimonies

Here’s what just some of our clients have said

I’ve known Tax Law Center for about a year now and can say that they are without a doubt one of the best Tax firm in the country.  No other firm would even offer the suggestion of Bankruptcy because I they wanted more money from IRS settlements and likely did not want to learn the law.  Tax Law Center has the expertise to help people save money with their tax issues and is very helpful in explaining different options to their clients. I’d highly recommend calling their office to speak with them about any bankruptcy or tax legal questions you have

Gina C February 26, 2017

Tax Law Center has been fantastic to work with. I hired Tax Law Center to guide me through a complex issue with the IRS and utilize bankruptcy on the IRS and also state tax debt. Tax Law Center was successful in getting a full release for my IRS and state tax debt! Tax Law Center are professional, compassionate and attentive. They provided regular updates on the status of my case and the results were beyond my expectations. I am truly grateful not only for the financial burden relief, but also the emotional burden relief of carrying that debt.  Highly recommended!!

Jay P February 26, 2017

Tax Law Center is amazing and I love their team of tax lawyers. I had a really complicated case and they took care of it with ease. They flexible on payments and made sure to answer all my questions in a timely manner. Their staff are great and extremely professional. They resolved all my tax issues and that lifted a big burden off my shoulders. I will use Tax Law Center for all my future tax need and I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family.  A very compassionate team, thank you Tax Law Center.

Dima K. February 26, 2017

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