Owing Payroll Taxes Los Angeles



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Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes are a serious matter that cannot be overlooked. This is likely the area where the IRS is most aggressive when payroll taxes are owed. Representation is a must! When you have employees, you are required to pay the payroll taxes directly to the IRS for the employee’s portion withheld or for your business’ portion. Tax Law Center can help.


The IRS is authorized to make a criminal referral to the criminal investigation division for possible prosecution referrals for neglecting the payroll taxes. The good news is Tax Law Center, America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm, we know how to handle this sensitive situation.

Serious Matter

Payroll taxes are usually Social Security and Medicare taxes, Federal Income tax withholdings and Federal Unemployment Tax. Failure to file the taxes time can create extreme penalties. Balances not paid with the return can be excessive and must be resolved before the IRS assigns an IRS Revenue Officer with the likely objective of closing the company.


You may want to take a moment to read through irs.gov to calculate your employment taxes, check important dates, and updating your address. The IRS will only send notices to your last known location. "I didn't receive any notices" is not an acceptable excuse with the IRS.