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    IRS Levy:

    Nothing feels worse than having the IRS tax your hard-earned money or property. An IRS levy is when taxes are owed and the taxpayer has failed to pay those taxes thereby allowing the IRS to take matters into their own hands to collect the taxes in an aggressive method. We know the feeling of opening your bank account and realizing that your hard-earned funds have been seized by an IRS bank levy.  The good news is there are options, but you must act fast now.  If you’ve been levied, do not delay calling Tax Law Center, America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm.  Generally speaking, you have 21 days to get the IRS to release the levy or the funds will be turned over from your bank to the IRS and could be gone forever.  This time period allows the professionals at Tax Law Center the necessary time to protect your rights before the IRS like we have done for thousands of other clients.  Call us today and let us start fighting the IRS for you now!


    One of the worst feelings occurs when you look at your paycheck and see those hard earned funds seized by the sometimes over reaching arms of the IRS. However, wage garnishments are one of the most common collection actions taken by the IRS and its collections department.  An IRS Garnishment occurs when you have a tax liability owed for unpaid tax years and have not properly sought a resolution to fixing the issues.  If you receive Social Security and/or Military retirement benefits, the IRS may garnish 15% of those funds.  If Self-Employed, the IRS may garnish the businesses accounts receivable taking the necessary expected funds to keep your business afloat.  You may ask how can they find this expected payments? The IRS have many collections means, but they generally look for who paid your company in past years and start there, or the IRS might summons bank records to see who is paying the business on a regular basis. The IRS will send levy notices to those you do business with and this act alone will generally injury and harm you valued business relationships.  At Tax Law Center we have reversed 1000s of IRS Garnishments thereby allowing our clients the right to keep what is their hard earned money!  Whatever the IRS Garnishment, call Tax Law Center today as we know how to stop the problem as it’s never too late with us on your team!

    IRS Liens

    If you owe taxes to the IRS, then the IRS has the right to file a lien against you for unpaid taxes owed.  A Tax Lien is a notice to the world that you have taxes owed and outstanding.  It is deigned to injury your business relations and halt you for receiving credit. A lien is used as security for the government in protecting its rights to collect against those taxes owed.  A lien attaches to your assets or property owed at the time of the lien filing and can even apply to future owed assets or property. The IRS tax laws even allows a secret lien to be filed when the taxes are first filed. A tax lien can affect your credit rating and cause other difficulties, such as issues with employment.  If you have a lien filed against you, call the tax professionals at Tax Law Center, America’s Premier Tax Relief Firm. We know how to help.  Call us today and we can discuss your options so your issues do not get too far out of control.



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